Reintroduction of the Flying fish by inclusive device

  • 2008 :
    • Creation of the first Participatory Research Camps in Marine Biology in Polynesia, Moorea, in partnership with the University of Berkeley in California,
    • creation of the first jobs as a scientific educator in Polynesia
  • 2009 :
    • Creation of the first Participatory Research Camps on the Rahui (rational management of resources and generation of biodiversity) on the island of Huahine.
    • Launching of the Te Marara (Flying Fish) project consisting of reintroducing flying fish to the island through the provision of FADs (Fish Concentrating Devices) bionspired by the children of the island (Huahine is the only island in the world where flying fish used to lay their eggs on a beach, and the species had been eradicated by systematic overfishing a few decades earlier).
  • 2010 :
    • Launch of the Participatory Research trips on the behaviour of marine mammals and their behavioural modifications due to interactions with divers, with Mrs Pamela CARZON.
  • 2019 :
    • 10 years later, the first flying fish are back